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Short Supply is an artist-led initiative and curatorial collective operating in Salford, which provides opportunities for artists and creatives in the North, and seeks to engage the wider community with contemporary art. Our organisation is very much fuelled by a sense of ‘for the people by the people’ i.e. we want to support and create opportunities for people who we identify with, and be the change we want to see.

As a new initiative, our key objective right now is reaching out to artists in the North West. We are accomplishing this by offering an open online platform delivering opportunities and support, and by providing extensive coverage of local shows and events. Our long-term goal for Short Supply is for it to be an alternate system of support similar to the framework provided by a university course, and we want to achieve this through offering technical workshops, synergy sessions, group crits and eventually we would like to be able to offer studio spaces as well.

Short Supply is hosting two exhibitions in November through December, Methods of Observing and Material Concerns.


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